What materials did Jeff Koons use for puppy?

Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dogs: Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog (Orange), 1994-2000, mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating, 121 x 143 x 45 in.

What is puppy by Jeff Koons made of?

10th of the Kaldor Public Art Projects

Puppy was based on a small wooden sculpture of a terrier which Jeff Koons created in 1991. Although this original manifestation was a diminutive 52 cm tall, Koons chose the terrier because he believed it would be disarming and non-threatening regardless of the scale.

What is the purpose of Jeff Koons puppy?

In keeping with themes in his past work, Koons has, by combining elite references (topiary and dog breeding) with those of the masses (Chia Pets and Hallmark greeting cards), designed this public sculpture to relentlessly entice, to create optimism, and to instill, in his own words, “confidence and security.

When was puppy Jeff Koons made?


Where is puppy by Jeff Koons?

Puppy is located on the grounds of the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, and therefore available for viewing at times unrestricted by the Museum’s hours of operation.

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What is Jeff Koons birthday?

January 21, 1955 (age 66 years)

How was puppy created?


Where is the Puppy Guggenheim Museum Bilbao located?

Created by American artist Jeff Koons (York, Pennsylvania, 1955), it is located outside the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, as if it were its guard dog. It could be seen as a monument to kitsch but it is also one of the main icons of modern Bilbao.

How long has Puppy been there?

The Four Seasons of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Since it opened in 1997, a guard dog known as Puppy has guarded the doors of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao with a changing mantle of tens of thousands of flowers.

What are Jeff Koons key artworks?

Progression of Art

  • Artwork Images. 1984. New Hoover Convertibles. …
  • 1986. Hennessy, The Civilized Way To Lay Down the Law. …
  • 1988. Michael Jackson and Bubbles. …
  • 1989. Made in Heaven. …
  • 1995-99. Balloon Flower (Red) …
  • 1994-2014. Play-Doh. …
  • 2004-14. Hulk (Organ) …
  • 2017. Seated Ballerina.

How much is Jeff Koons worth?

Jeff Koons – Net Worth $500 Million.

Who made the balloon dog?

Jeff Koons

Where is Jeff Koons from?

York, PA

Who is the artist of Puppy Guggenheim Museum Bilbao?

At the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Jeff Koons’ Puppy Gets a Colorful New Coat. Since 1997, Jeff Koons’ monumental sculpture Puppy has stood sentinel before the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

Who bought the rabbit sculpture?

The work, which was sold by the estate of the late magazine publisher S. I. Newhouse, was one in an edition of three (plus an artist’s proof) and the last still held in private hands. It was later revealed that the art dealer Robert Mnuchin purchased the work for the billionaire hedge fund manager Steven A. Cohen.

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